Custom Installation

VPS Inc offers custom installation of every product we sell. We pride ourselves in adding the most advanced technologies to your current ag equipment without the cabling clutter. We will leave your cab clean and clutter free for a clean OEM appearance and better user experience.

Preseason Inspections

We take an in depth look at your equipment before it hits the field to make sure that all your precision ag technology is in perfect operating condition saving you money and eliminating costly down time.

GPS Field Boundary Recording

Having accurate field boundaries assures that your technology investment is giving you the best return possible by eliminating extra seed,chemical & fertilizer waste. Let VPS Inc. Do the work of recording your field boundaries with our GPS ready side by side.

Yield Calibrations

Accurate yield data is the foundation of making better management decisions on your farm. VPS Inc is here to assure your data is accurate and usable. We will come to you in the field with our weigh wagon and calibrate your system for the best accuracy possible.

Data Management

VPS Inc is here to make data collection and sharing as painless as possible. Collecting all of your data from all of your precision displays and organizing it for easy navigation. We will also make sure that any data you need to share with your trusted advisors is done in a timely and secure manner. Want to see your data on your mobile device? We can do that too!

GPS Correction Services

VPS Inc makes sure that your GPS Subscriptions are applied and ready for when you hit the field. We offer a variety of accuracy levels to best fit your operation’s needs. From 2-4” pass to pass accuracy all the way down to sub inch RTK, we offer it all.